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I love this repair place and MOST importantly the people who work here. The owner, Dave, truly has my best interest in mind. Every time my vehicle has ANY issues Dave and his team are able to assist me in a timely fashion for a price that is very reasonable.

Most recently, I had a belt replaced within my engine. A month later there was some squeaking due to the product adjusting to my vehicle. Dave and his team handled the adjustment for no cost. I was expecting him to invoice me for another $50-$100 but he simply fixed the problem and returned the vehicle to be with a smile on his face. QUALITY PEOPLE!

For all of my car needs, I recommend Dave and the fine people at All Pro Auto Repair!

- Kenan P.
Denver, CO | 6/6/2016
Dave, the owner is an amazing guy. I bought a new vehicle and wanted someone trustworthy to inspect it. After browsing online, his name and shop kept popping up. He saw me same day, and delivered a detailed and honest report, explaining the repairs and upkeep I could expect in the future in detail, and in a language I could understand. Dave is personable, friendly, approachable, honest, and fair. I won't be going anywhere else from now on while in Denver! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

- Adriana B.
Tempe, AZ | 9/19/2016
I'm not one to leave reviews unless someone is exceptionally good or bad. In this case I was very impressed with how pleased I was. Dave's small and unassuming shop left me with the best impression one can have of a mechanic. Dave will sit down and talk to you about your car for as long as you want and is such a pleasant person. Glen, the mechanic who worked on my car, was very forthcoming with all information and suggestions. I thought my calibers were bad but they went the extra length to troubleshoot then and repair them instead of just replacing them at more cost. They are not out to take your money, and only have the best intentions for you. I hope they stay around a long time, good people deserve to be taken care of!

- Seth M.
Brooklyn, NY | 8/26/2016
This place is great! Dan was super friendly and helpful, and gave me a great price on a comprehensive vehicle inspection. Highly recommended and I'll definitely be back.

- Sam D.
Denver, CO | 11/6/2015
Every now and then I come across a person who is in a job which is just the perfect fit for them, and it shows. This is how I feel about Dave at All Pro Auto Repair. I've now had 3 car repair interactions with him and am so pleased to have found All Pro.

On my first experience, I called to schedule an appointment for our car which was shuttering at highway speeds. We'd had our tire place check it at the last oil change/alignment appointment, and they said it wasn't the tires. I called Dave, and over the phone, he said with near certainty, that it was a balancing issue with the tires, and he didn't want to waste my time and money looking at something which was most likely the tires. We took it back to our tire shop and asked them to re-balance the tires, to which they reluctantly agreed. Dave was right, the tires were in fact out of balance, and the shudder disappeared. Dave gave me free advice which was right on. That was experience #1.

Next came the time to do our regularly scheduled 120K mile maintenance. Dave took the car in, did a full car inspection (complementary), saying that he wanted to, "get to know the car," if we were going to be working together. The car checked out just fine and he didn't tack on any unnecessary repairs, just the regular manufacturer maintenance. While I was in the shop one of his regular customers came by for an oil change. He remarked, "I'm still getting that amazing gas mileage...," which is apparently a regular thing for Dave's customers.

Dave worked at a Toyota dealership for over 20 years, and says he regularly gets customer cars to 300K miles.

My third and latest dealing with Dave only affirmed my trust in his assessment and work ethic. Our car was experiencing a rattle in the exhaust system. We'd checked it before and discovered it was the muffler heat shield. Dave's team looked at it at the 120K service, and didn't find anything wrong (other than it was rusting and rattling slightly. Following the service and a trip through the mountains, the rattle became worse. Dave took the car back in, looked into the rattle, and ultimately removed the heat shield. The cost? $0. He said they tried to reattach it, but because of the rust, it wouldn't hold. He assured me that it wasn't a safety issue, and that it saved me hundreds of dollars over replacing the catalytic converter.

As you have read, I'm very happy with Dave and the service I've received at All Pro Auto Repair. We will be back, but as Dave says, "hopefully, not too soon."

- Ethan B.
Westminster, CO | 8/6/2015